Take a Stand Against Common Core!

Common Core has affected teachers, public and charter schools, most private schools, and even home-schooled children.  Arizonans are taking a stand and speaking out!


Brad McQueen

    Brad McQueen is a Tucson teacher that actually sat on the PARCC board and saw first hand how Common Core would affect Arizona families before Gov. Brewer and Tom Horne even signed on to accept the standards.  Brad has written an excellent book that every parent should read:

 The Cult of Common Core (available in paperback on kindle)

The Cult of Common Core

  Opt Out AZ Who We Are Many Arizonans are beginning to see how bad Common Core is.  Parents and teachers are taking a stand against data mining of children and high stakes tests that go hand in hand with Common Core.  A large group of “mommy lobby” mothers joined forces this year to move several bills through our legislature.  One bill succeeded (SB1289, protecting schools & students for years 2015 & 2016 from affecting their grades).  And other bills failed.  However, momentum is picking up and more parents and teachers are joining in the fight against Common Core everyday!



If you have a story that you would like to publicly share, please email us at:  Unite@OptOutAZ.org

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