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There are many different opt out forms that are available to choose from.

You may select the opt-out or refusal example form that best fits your own individual circumstances:

Long Form Letter #1 in pdf:  Example Parent Opt Out Letter

Long Form Letter #1 in Word:  MS Word Example Parent Opt Out Letter

Short Form Letter #2 in pdf:  Simple Refusal Letter

Short Form Letter #2 in Word:  Simple Refusal Letter

Parental Right to Refuse Test Letter  (asserting 14th Amendment rights)

Kansas Common Core & Year End Standardized Testing Opt Out Form

Letter of Assertion to Opt Out and Refuse the AZMerit Test (, Jan. 2008, revised)

Student Privacy Protection Opt-out Request



We suggest that you choose one of the above forms to give to your school principal.  It may also be a good idea to make copies to give to your child’s teacher(s).

If your school tells you that you do not have the right to opt your child out of taking the AZMerit, then tell them that you are REFUSING the test due it being HARMFUL to your child  –since the exam is developmentally inappropriate and that your child’s personal information will be at risk.  You can cite this right under Arizona Revised Statute section 15-102 .  You may also object to the test on moral grounds (see example).  Also, you may assert that data collection on your child without your consent is in violation of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The Arizona Department of Education recently reissued a letter stating that parents do not have a right to opt their children out of taking the AzMerit citing former Attorney General Tom Horne’s opinion.  However, there are some major flaws with this opinion:

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  •  First, Tom Horne has a conflict of interest since he was also the former Arizona State School Superintendent that originally signed on to the Common Core Standards.  Horne was the one that got us into it and now is telling us that we cannot get out –ridiculous!
  • Second, Tom Horne has a reputation for dishonesty and corruption and is not a reputable source for a parent’s rights.  Second, the U.S. Constitution and Arizona State Statutes transcend a former Attorney General’s opinion;
  • Third, Carrie O’Brien is an employee of the Arizona Department of Education.  These employees are known for the corrupt ways of intimidating parents and teachers.  They have masterfully planned  this scheme to make us feel beholden to the Common Core standards and related exams.

Our children are worth defending!  Opt Out AZ!



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